Geof Holbrook – Wooden Stars

It took me a great deal of time and effort to find a piece that really spoke to me today, but when I found Wooden Stars it became pretty clear that this was the right piece. Written for solo percussion and electronics by New York City-based, contemporary Canadian composer Geof Holbrook, Wooden Stars brings with many fun timbres, highly active rhythmic, stunning sonorities (as especially demonstrated by the section from 3’05” to 5’40”, my personal favorite section of this piece), superb pacing, and presents the musical ideas in ways that make it approachable to listen to and engaging.


I spent so long looking for a piece today that I don’t have too much time to write about it, but I do want to address the last point in my previous statement. By saying he presents ideas that make it approachable to listen to, I mean that he doesn’t overwhelm the listener with so many ideas that it becomes hard to follow. Instead, he uses a minimal repertoire of motifs that he constantly varies and explores to great depth throughout the duration of the piece. In this way, the music develops coherently and elegantly as an aural experience and becomes more enjoyable as a listener.

Thoughts about the music or the post? Feel free to comment below. Enjoy the music!


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