Marcelo Toledo – En la impenetrable maraña de lo no nombrado

“En la impenetrable maraña de lo nombrado” (In the impenetrable tangle of the unnamed) is an otherworldly piece for 24 voices (SMATBB) by Argentinean-born, but New York-based composer Marcelo Toledo. The piece is organized into various soundscapes of unique musical material that sometimes return later in the piece and sometimes appear only once. Toledo creates some utterly haunting sororities in some of these sections from extremely large clusters of notes and dense movement of independent voices in a way that reminds me of both Atmosphères and Lux Aeterna by Ligeti.

This piece has some absolutely goosebump inducing sections like from 7’56” (last measure of p. 24) to 11’05 (last measure of p. 32). Personally, I really enjoyed the sections that heavily featured the women’s voices because the clarity of harmony that can be achieved in that vocal range really works for a piece like this. Hearing music like this and Anders Hillborg’s “muo:aa:yiy:oum” for 16 voices, one of my all time favorites, makes me really hope I get the opportunity to write for large a capella choirs. The sounds that they can create are so awesome!

My blogging will continue to become more consistent (and more in-depth with each piece) as the summer unfolds, I have just been swamped with work finishing student teaching this last week. Enjoy the music!  


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